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Sample Work

I have written press releases, PSAs, grants for non-profits, website copy, subscriber emails, print collateral copy, theater program notes, research papers, educational flyers, event announcements, summary reports, formal HR letters, letters for clients, vendors and VIPs, a book foreword, and on occasion, intriguing Post-it® notes.

Odds 'n' Ends


My background in the arts and dramaturgy has given me experience doing research, compiling information, and summarizing that information for publication and general public consumption. For clients transitioning between jobs I have a program I call my MTYB Program which includes crafting or improving Linked In profiles and writing cover letters and resumes. My work as a corporate shill has given me experience writing recruitment correspondence, employee handbook copy, and strategy and implementation plans for a Board of Directors. And also, strategy and implementation plan cheat sheets for a Board of Directors.  I've written online dating profiles for the shy worthy of Cyrano de Bergerac and instruction manuals for K-12 teachers. I make Venn diagrams for fun.


Theatrical Performance Program Notes

Korematsu Institute Statement on the 40 Anniversary of the Murder of Vincent Chin

Korematsu Institute Statement on the #STOPASIANHATE Virtual Day of Action & Healing



It is true that my greeting card line started out as a rebellion against the saccharine, cheesy cards I found on the market, but it has grown with a number of other writing opportunities, some more conventional and some a little odd. At heart I'm a storyteller, I'd be the best person to buddy up with during a Fahrenheit 451 situation. One of the reasons I work supporting comedy is I love a good storyteller, figuring out the beats, the cadence of a tale and keeping in what works, and not being scared to cut out the boring or irrelevant parts. Double-edged sword because that is why I was also known as a "very hard grader" by students in grad school.


I create and curate content for social media clients writing tweets, Facebook posts, blog posts, and mailing list copy. I manage correspondence with the greater community, volunteers, and VIPs. I develop campaigns based around events and product launches and work to keep the tone, voice, and the style consistent with the brand.

Performer Journey Chart for Donors

Event Program for Theater Festival

Sponsor Support Graphic 

Social Media Card for Training

Social Media Card for Holiday Parties

Facebook Post Guest Performer



With event and product marketing, I have written PSAs for radio stations, media pitch letters, press releases, subscriber emails, fundraising pledges, website copy, and event invitations. I have written social media schedules and corresponding marketing calendars. I have created original swag products and less than original swag products upon request.

I have produced marketing collateral for non-profits, corporate entities, arts organizations and performance groups. I have produced everything from welcome packets for an art college to order forms for a wine company.


I also have created special holiday cards for businesses and birth announcements for new family additions - which is a type of marketing - marketing your new baby.  


Performance Poster

Entrance Birthday Poster

Advocacy Webinar Announcement

Event Save the Date Announcement

Party Invitation

Revised Website Copy

Business Card

Product Label - Lip Balm

Wine Order Form
Show/Convention Postcard

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Selected Clients

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