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  "First, I did it for my own pleasure.    Then I did it for the pleasure of my  friends. And now—I do it for money."                -Ferenc Molnár(on writing)

I once shook hands with Roald Dahl. I have written a dating manual for the romantically challenged. I have operated a commercial chop saw in a dress. I'm also a dramaturg and writer.

I have created and curated social media content, written press releases, PSAs, grants for non-profits, website copy, subscriber emails, print collateral copy, theater program notes, research papers, educational flyers, event announcements, summary reports, formal HR letters, letters for clients, vendors and VIPs, a book foreword, and on occasion, intriguing Post-it® notes. 

If you have something that is finished, but you think it could use a little more polish or you are overwhelmed and need something created from scratch, we can probably work something out. Try me. 

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